Debt Elimination Program

How & Why Our Program Works


Through this process, the client is not refusing to pay any valid, legitimate debt.



Through this process, the client is simply disputing the alleged debt with the credit card companies.



Clients will begin to understand that the banks have never loaned them any money, never risked their assets. The banks have loaned credit, not money. And credit is the opposite of money.

The banks are then obligated to prove that they loaned money to the client, risked their assets, and risk having a loss if the client does not pay them. When they can’t do this, and they never can, the bank is forced to shut down the account, and walk away, instead of risking exposure to what they are doing.

Getting Started

After enrolling in the program, customer must submit full copies, front and back, of their latest credit card statements. Customer must also submit copies of all collection letters received if applicable.

Procedures: The client must understand that this is not a program where their information is handed to the agent, and the agent proceeds with eliminating the debt. Nor is this a “do it yourself” program.


The dispute process is a letter writing campaign. A legal and administrative procedure.

   There is a series of 4 letters sent to the bank, once per month for 4 months.

   These letters are prepared 100% by the agent, for the customer. The letter

   is not prepared by the customer.

   The customer will receive the 4 letters on a monthly basis via e-mail.

   The customer is responsible for signing and mailing the letters via certified

   mail, return receipt.

Image by Alexander Schimmeck



Log all collection calls received, and send a proper ommunications letter to the collector who called. The letter and instructions will be sent to the customer by the agent.

Client must submit copies of all collection letters received to the agent, who will provide a proper response letter if needed.

We will not contact the client’s credit card companies, banks, debt collectors, or credit bureaus.

Client has access to unlimited consultation with us.

Client must log all collection calls

Client should not engage in verbal conversation with credit card companiesor collectors, except to order them to cease phone communication


Program generally takes 6 – 12 months to receive a zero balance statement, or a letter of dismissal or closure.