Credit Repair Pricing 


How long does credit repair take? 

This varies client to client but most customers see results in the first 6wks of service. 


Will the items come back on my credit report? 

We dispute everything using the FCRA compliance to assure items are removed and not returned. It’s completely legal to challenge any items on your credit report. 


What is your refund policy? 

Refunds are only offered on the first 30 days if you don’t didn’t receive a credit consultation and letters wasn’t sent out on your behalf to the credit bureaus. We do not refund for Tradelines unless the Tradeline did not report within 30-40 days on your credit report and we must be able to verify that. We will offer a refund or move you to another Tradeline. 


Can we add a Tradeline to a CPN? 

No, this is against the law and we have no association with CPNS and we will not add Tradelines to accounts with fraud alerts on them. 


Can you purchase more than one Tradeline?

You can purchase as many Tradelines you would like.


Can we guarantee a certain business loan amount?

Approvals and loan amount are based upon the information you’ve provided under the two criteria given.